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Clearco has been providing professional window cleaning for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and professionalism while providing fast quotes and quick scheduling.

  • Address: 916 E Baseline Rd. STE 123
    Mesa, Arizona 85204
  • Phone: 480.467.3400

Clearco Window Cleaning provides professional solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial arrays. Our AutoClean program keeps your panels operating efficiently throughout the year saving you money and keeping your warranty valid. We use state of the art equipment and professionally trained technicians to maintain your system properly.

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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service For:

1 and 2 story homes

  • With Flat Roof
  • With Flat Panels
  • With Slanted Panels
  • Slanted Roof

Office Buildings

  • With Flat Roof
  • With Slanted Panels

Parking Canopies

  • With Flat Panels
  • With Slanted Panels

AutoClean programs available:

  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Tri-Annually

Solar Panel Cleaning FAQs:

• Yes. With power loss between 7% and 30% on a dirty panel, you can't afford not to have your panels maintained to keep peek performance.

• Yes. Manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance of your system in order to warrant non failure.

• No and No. On an un-maintained panel, the rain will make your dusty panels muddy, collecting more debris and more build up. On a maintained panel, and after a cleaning, the rain will not do any damage, as there will be little or no dust to affect. It is acceptable to clean solar panels in or before most rain.

• No! The hardness of the water in the valley is among the highest in the country and is not a proper cleaning agent for expensive solar panels. Hose water causes "Hardwater" deposits on the glass surface of solar panels and causes permanent damage and power loss. We use special equipment to produce de-ionized water for cleaning of solar panels to prevent any hardwater deposits on your panels. In addition, just a rinsing of water (even if it were not damaging) would not be enough to produce clean panels.

• No. Not unless there are any special circumstances with your home. In most instances we can access the roof from the front and can complete our service with or without you being home.

• No. Your service visits will be automatic on the specified schedule. You will receive an email upon completion of each service.

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