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What Should I Expect From a Professional Window Cleaning Company?

Windows are one of the most expensive parts of a home or building. You don't want just anyone maintaining them with so much at stake. So how do you know who you should have on your property when they have to be in every room, on ladders, on the roof, and carry tools and equipment through your living room or office? Here are some helpful tips to think about beforehand to help you decide.

A good firm will have evidence of legitimacy:

Legitimacy is very important to have in a window cleaning company. If a company is "fly by night" or "here today gone tomorrow," then they do not pay taxes, do not have insurance, do not have experience, use untrained or illegal workers, do not have proper and safe tools and equipment, and many more risky issues. Legitimacy ensures value and limits the risks involved with hiring any company to provide you with a good or service. Look for some of these clues to determine the legitimacy of the window cleaning company you are looking to hire.

  • Are they members of a professional association for window cleaning such as the and the?
    International Window Cleaning Association Better Business Bureau
  • Do they only hire, train, and pay actual employees, never day labor, under the table, or sub-contracted employees?
  • Do they claim (and show proof of if you request) to be insured for general liability, workers compensation, and better still do they provide a fidelity bond to cover their workers while they are inside your home?
  • Do they have a systematic way of pricing your service that is based on relevant information about your service? Or do they seem to just throw out a rounded number with no rhyme or reason?
  • Do they have marked company vehicles and uniformed employees? Will they provide you with preprinted proof of purchase such as an invoice or work order that shows their logo, company name, company address, and itemized service charges?
  • Do they accept basic forms of payment like cash, check (made out to their company name), and major credit cards?
  • Do they have a web site that gives you a better idea of who they are, how they operate, what they offer, and how long they have been in business?
  • Do they advertise and adhere to a standard service that tells you what you will be getting for the price they are quoting you?

A good firm will have capacity and availability:

When you hire a window cleaning firm to maintain your windows, it is a necessity to have adequate capacity and availability. You would never want to find after hiring him, that your guy hasn't had the experience with a home your size, or a building your size, or windows of that type, etc.. You also would not want to call your window cleaning company with a need for a service on a particular day, and learn that he can't do it simply because he already has 1 appointment on that day, or 1 appointment each day that week, leaving you to have to start shopping for a company… again. Look for these clues to tell when you have reached a company with low or no capacity or availability:

  • If they are booked for weeks out with no available service slots.
  • If they seem to only have a few set days available for service, such as Saturdays only, or Tuesdays and Thursdays for example. (in other words they only have a part time schedule)
  • If the person who did your estimate is the same person who will be cleaning your windows.
  • If they arrive on site and seem puzzled by your windows.

A good window cleaning firm will have office staff:

Look for courteous office staff to answer the phone when you call. Office staff is important for the company you hire to have so they can give you proper customer support. When you want to move your appointment, or add a service, or make a credit card payment, or schedule a service the next time around, or setup a maintenance program, you will want competent full time office staff to be able to look up and manage your account. Look for these clues to tell when you have reached a company with no office support staff:

  • If the phone your reach seems to be a cell phone.
  • If you call during typical office ours, and you get a message, especially an unprofessional or sloppy message, this window cleaner most likely has no office staff support.
  • If you call and get an answer, but you can tell just by talking to him that you are speaking with 'George the window cleaner'.
  • If the person you are talking to is driving, walking, or on a ladder or roof top.
  • If you leave a message on a weekday and you don't get a call back until the evening, or the next day.
  • If the person you spoke to on the phone is the very same person who arrives to look at your windows for an estimate.

A good company should be able to schedule your service close to or on the day and in the time frame you wish because they have enough crews to provide high capacity.

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