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Clearco has been providing professional window cleaning for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and professionalism while providing fast quotes and quick scheduling.

  • Address: 916 E Baseline Rd. STE 123
    Mesa, Arizona 85204
  • Phone: 480.467.3400

window cleaning tech cleaning windows on a nice 2 sotry home, from a ladder

Your windows are integral parts of your most important investment, your home! They provide a first impression when you get home and when friends and family come to visit. We understand that the cleanliness and maintenance of your home is of the upmost priority to you and your family and that's why we use the highest quality tools available. We are careful to use the best tools and proven methods in our services. We use specialty tools like ultra high grade squeegees and solution. Our window cleaning solution is designed for professional window cleaning and will not leave a residue like dish soap or other products not designed for professional window cleaning. We even use Channel Guard™ on our squeegee channels. This helps to protect your investment and ensures sparkling results! Cleaner glass is just the beginning of what you will get with Clearco Window Cleaning.

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A standard window cleaning service from Clearco Window Cleaning includes:

  • All windows cleaned inside and outside with a specially formulated solution proven to leave a sparkle and reduce static cling.
  • All regular (insect) screens thoroughly cleaned with a 4 step process and then re-installed.
  • Sunscreens cleaned and treated with protectant, then re-installed.
  • Exposed window tracks cleaned.
  • Ladder work performed.
  • Inside and outside window Sills cleaned.
  • Garage door acrylic or glass windows polished.
  • Shoe covers worn by our window cleaning technicians on all your sensitive flooring.
  • Protective mats used on all interior flooring.
  • Protective shoes and covers for any interior ladder work.
  • A final walk through performed by our technicians on all services.
  • Free 48 hour and 2 week rain protection.
  • rain guarantee

Additional services we offer residential customers include:

  • Custom Maintenance Programs save your time and money!
  • Cleaning of mirrors
  • Track detailing. High powered cleaning of both the exposed and unexposed (opened window) parts of the window track.
  • Cleaning of Chandeliers and light fixtures.
  • Cleaning of ceiling fans and fixtures.
  • Cleaning of skylights.
  • Cleaning of basement windows (window wells).
  • Paint over-spray removal.
  • Hardwater stain removal.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
A window cleaning technician cleaning large windows using ultra pure water
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